Goods Sets Global Trade LTD is engaged in the field of import, export and Global trade to see beyond the limits of personal trade closed on the same company to be more accurately described as a service activity to serve the merchant, manufacturer, supplier, importer, wholesaler, distributor, consumer and also includes many services as shipping services Storage and logistics.

  1. Export services:
    The company provides export services to manufacturers and brand owners to export their products through our exclusive marketing outlets
    Export site is the largest export platform for international trade, a site that includes a large number of factories and importers around the world and is the largest international export platform for global trade and is currently being developed to include a store allows the partial sale of wholesalers with the latest technology of direct selling systems, Offers the best promotional services, partial and wholesale sales, accounting and automatic sales reports to provide the best selling opportunities for the site’s customers and customers.
    B – a number of sites and applications exclusively equipped with modern techniques and non-trivial thought to serve the consumer and wholesale services first and then importers are disclosed later
    Direct export by offering the products exported or the agency to our direct customers by a specialized team in export and logistics through our database of reliable customers
    (D) Integrated Advertising Promotion (Smart Promotion) as landing pages for sustainable events to target the largest segment of those interested in importing your products
    C – Serving Brand Branding Special service to increase the value of the brand through international markets This is a special service offered to customers of the company,
  2. Import services:
    Through the import and export team we provide the merchant and importer service to provide products required for import or agency high quality with the price of a competitor and also ensure the importer advertising and propaganda promotion targeted to the target market and follow up all logistics services to ensure the arrival of its products to the specified port and the speed of sale by creating markets before the arrival of the product
  3. Agency services:
    The company provides all kinds of agency solutions, whether it is a manufacturer or a private brand which is a unique solutions serving the supplier and importer under the coordination and supervision and promotion of the company,
  4. Financing Solutions:
    GDSC provides financial solutions to its reliable customers in accordance with specific, facilitated guarantees that serve the activity of importing companies for appropriate periods and are studied in accordance with our finance program at QudsCities International Trading Company and its suppliers partners
  5. Logistics services:
    The company provides services to the logistics of customers interested in the import of specific products from specific countries to achieve their goals easily and success is unprecedented, and our attention to many important points:
    (A) Offering the best selling products and quality if the customer does not have a specific product or face
    B. Defining the procurement and production programs in a country.
    C) Organization of after sales services
    W. Advise the officials to enable them to make maximum use of business processes.
    C – Studying contracts to ensure the safety of proper contracting for importation and preserving the importer’s rights in the long term
    Providing solutions to visit the supplier’s headquarters for contracting including hotel services and the service of mobility, translation and entertainment
    The service of establishing and registering branches of companies in other countries to reach the world with the processing of the headquarters offices, warehouses and commercial areas according to the client’s expectations and in accordance with the terms of the contract with the company,
    6- Marketing and direct selling services:
    GDSS Global Trading offers marketing and direct selling services through its POS system, which is a number of international and international applications and stores in a number of countries, which will be announced soon.
    The terms of contribution and partnership will also be announced